A little linked in history

Did you know Linkedin started in 2003 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA?   It is an online business network.  The linkedin mantra is “Relationships Matter.” 

Linked in has grown to reach over 40 million users in over 200 countries.  It is free to join – sells advertising – also offers paid accounts.

 Did you know that the average age of a linkedin user is 41 yrs old.

 After joining linkedin – you can belong to up to 50 groups (max.)

 Linkedin is the true 6 degrees of separation.   

                                                                                                         If your connections are            1,046

                                                                                                          Two degrees away                 193,700+

                                                                                                        Three degrees away          7,263,600+

You get the idea?

 Using Linkedin is simple:  you sign up, fill out your profile, invite your business associates, search for people, request/forward/receive introduction requests, etc.

 Tips to help you power linkedin:

 Take the time to create an inviting profile by writing a summary that clearly outlines your personal brand.

  • Add information in the specialties section making sure to add keywords that are industry related.
  • Use the endorsements feature by requesting and offering endorsements to others whose work you have been satisfied with
  • Keep your information up to date
  • Use the questions and answers feature  – by answering the questions on the right gives you a chance to legitimize you as an expert
  • Start your own groups and attract people who share the same interests with keywords
  • And DON’T FORGET THAT LINKEDIN DOES NOT REPLACE FACE TO FACE NETWORKING but it does introduce you and your company to other connections even abroad

 Linkedin is also a great job search tool.

 Are there any thoughts you can provide regarding Linkedin? 

Please provide your comments below.    Thank you and wishing you all great success.


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