How Social Media sites like Linkedin can help you to find a Job!

Since there are so many people out of work and looking for employment, I felt it is necessary to let them know about Linkedin.  

Did you know that 80% of companies are using social media for recruiting? and 90% of those companies are using Linkedin according to Lewis Howes, Author of “Linked working”.

Linkedin, if used properly, is a very powerful tool.  45% of Linkedin users are the decision makers in their own business – again, according to Lewis Howes.  So, that means the decision makers who have the ability to hire the right candidates are hanging around Linkedin.  Now, the question is “Are you the right candidate?”  You, very well, may be – but you need to get your information out there.

First, if you’re not signed up to Linkedin, then do so immediately.  Your Linkedin profile is like having your resume online.

  • Make sure all your information is up-to-date / current.
  • Make sure all sections are filled out completely. (you will be 40 times more likely to receive opportunities if done so – according to Linkedin.)
  • Start creating connections by importing your address book (look for address book importer) Once that is completed it should let you know which of your real life contacts from your address book are already Linkedin users.  As for the rest of your contacts, you can invite them to join as well.
  • After all contacts are imported – then you will need to invite them to connect with you.  When you request a connection, you will be provided with a standard request – my advice is to personalize it.
  • Once they accept your connection to request you will now have your 1st connection and so on.  Continue to build from there. (you can also connect to their contacts which are considered your 2nd degree connections)  But there are protocols for that, which I will save for another article.
  • From the connections, you will want to ask for recommendations for your profile – mainly past co-workers, trusted friends, real life connections.  This will help to build your professional credibility.

Now to find out about jobs – go to the search bar (which should be located somewhere on the top right) and type in “Jobs” – once you are there you can filter it down (on the left side of the screen) by location, industry, even companies and don’t forget about Keywords (descriptive/index terms)

Leverage your Linkedin connections at particular companies to help you gain the right contacts.  You can also research companies that you may be interested in for employment.

Hope this helps to get you started.


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