The nerve of some people!

I don’t understand people. I was recently renting out an apartment and advertised it as partially furnished. A particular person who came to see it, loved it. After finalizing the deal she left. The next day I received an email that she will be officially moving in the following week and would like me to remove all furniture as she will be having hers delivered. So, here I am with a furnished apartment which was advertised as such – being asked to remove the furniture. Now what do I do? Do I throw all my furniture out? Tell her to take a hike and give her back her down payment (which now causes another problem) because I already told other people that the apartment was already rented when they called. Or do I ask her to pay for the storage fees of said furniture and what about a moving truck to get it all out of here? I am putting this out there to you for advice. Does anyone have any for me?


4 comments on “The nerve of some people!

  1. If they signed a lease and the least stated that it was partial furnished, then I would think legally they are now responsible for the furniture and whether they move it to storage or not is their problem.

    If it wasn’t in the lease, then walking on eggshells you will be! Think wisely about the associated costs and issues that will arise if you break the lease due to this problem.

    If there is no lease, then I believe it is your word against theirs and if you advertised it as partially furnished, then you have that on your side.

    Hope this helps!

    • It was advertised as such but now she claims she did not realize that it meant she would have to keep the furniture. I told her all things are negotiable – and I would absorb 1/2 the storage fees (but now it is a pain to arrange for people to come and move it – the pieces are very large and can damage the walls trying to get it out) Do you think she should be responsible for moving it out and get it to the storage unit?

  2. You advertised it as partially furnished so it becomes the tenants responsibility to care for or store your furniture until the end of the lease period at which time she is required to return your property (furniture included) in the condition it was in at the start of the lease. Take lots of dated pictures

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