Risk Giving Advice

Do you RISK giving ADVICE even if it irritates the people you are giving it to? I guess we all have experienced giving and receiving unsolicited advice. I am sure we have, or most of have, used the phrase “A word to the wise” – I like adding to that every time I hear it – “A  Word to the wise is a waste – it’s the stupid one’s that need to hear it not the “wise” ones.” Now I hope you all know I am just kidding. In the end we can ALL use some words to the wise.

Advice… we often give it to our children. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? But, yet often I hear from my oldest son, “I didn’t ask for your advice – I am not going to listen to it anyway.” Why is that? Why would my son not want to hear my advice? I don’t think it’s bad advice. It’s given out of love. So. what’s wrong with it?

We all still give it (advice or words to the wise) even if its unsolicited. Yet, so many people find it offensive. But how many times have we all done something stupid and wished someone would have warned us beforehand. Even if they had warned us, chances are we would have done it anyway.

We often ignore good advice but we still need to hear it sometimes more than once.

Should we still offer good advice even at the risk of irritating someone?  What are your thoughts?


4 comments on “Risk Giving Advice

  1. Most of the people are feeling like that we are annoying them if we start advicing them.

    In my experience, advice will not change a human. Only the experience will change the human.

    So, I stopped advicing to people before a long time. They will realise their fault and will return to a good path after they felt that they are in a wrong path. It is the fact.

    Am i right?

  2. Hello Kirubbananth

    I do agree that a percentage of the people will not take the advice offered and will need to experience the outcome for themselves. But, when things go wrong people often say “I wished someone would have warned me.”

    We, as humans, often offer it anyway, without even realizing it – most of us do it several times a day, especially people who have children. Parents have no choice but to offer advice – it’s built-in us!

  3. While I am paid to give people advice as a coach, I do still give people unsolicited advice when I feel that I have a responsibility to do so. When I do, I try to ask it as a question or say something in a softer way rather than telling it as blunt advice. That is easier to accept for most people.

    For Example (and don’t get me wrong, I think BMWs are great cars):

    Hard to accept: That BMW is going to cost you a fortune to get repaired, you should think about that before you buy it.

    Easy to accept: I’m sure you have taken into account the fact that BMWs are expensive to get repaired, right?.

    Easy to accept: Have you called the BMW dealer and asked about the prices for repairs on BMWs as part of your decision making process?

  4. Hello Sandra,

    I definitely agree with the softer approach – (by the way my mothers name is Sandra – as she says – “Not Sandy”… lol) – Sometimes is not what you say but how you say it or in this case “how you phrase it” – Thanks for the great advice.

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