If you’re like me,  sitting for hours at a time behind your computer posting status updates, tweeting and, in my case, working on client’s accounts & taking webinar after webinar after webinar… It leaves little to no time for working out.  So, If you ask me is SOCIAL MEDIA FATTENING then I will clearly state YES! SOCIAL MEDIA IS FATTENING ;-)! (I have to blame something)

But, what is a person to do about that?  For me, I need to put my priorities in order.  I have always put the needs of others before my own.  Now that I am turning “50” this week – Wow, that’s a scary thought… 50 – what happened???  Just yesterday I was only 35 and I still feel 35.  People say I only look around 38 – 40 so when did 50 sneak up on me?  I am definitely not ready to be 50, but since it is here, I need to start making myself a priority.

Some people say that you can use Social Media to help you to lose weight by documenting your weight loss goals to your friends and followers.  I guess making them accountability partners.  Well, for me, that’s not happening.        

I guess I will continue to do the “Butt Squeezes” while I sit at my desk and will continue to “Suck in my Stomach” while I work.    haha – bet you’re all doing that now – a little butt squeeze – little tummy suck…

I would really love to hear some suggestions – let me know what works and doesn’t work for you?

I guess I can start by putting down the Chocolate Muffin!


7 comments on “IS SOCIAL MEDIA FATTENING????

  1. Laurinda, you are right! Social media can be fattening…. So can television… or working. Work?? Yes… All of them involve sitting for long periods of time, and holding in the tummy just won’t do it. You’re on the right track by putting down the muffin. Being more conscious of what we put in our mouth helps. If you want an app for that, go to My Fitness Pal. It will track your daily food intake, and even figure out nutritional breakdowns of your favorite recipes. Make the computer (or smart phone) your accountability partner!
    There are numerous ways of fitting exercise into the day. Think how many times you sit and stand during the day. If you did 2 squats (start to sit, then stand, then start to sit again, then stand), before sitting, each time, that is far more effective than a butt squeeze. Want to make it more difficult? Hold the squat position, and hover above the chair for 10 seconds, and gradually increase the time, as it becomes easier. Also… hiring a fitness professional, even once, to provide suggestions on how to fit exercise into your day, is a valuable investment that will pay off daily.
    And as you mentioned, making yourself a priority is so important. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

    • Love the input — definitely going to put that squat before sitting into action – great idea! I will slowly graduate to the hover position — although, I am quite familiar with that one since I spend a lot of time on ball fields – and have to ocassionally use the Public Restroom, the Hover position is used everytime!!! – Thanks for the advice! if you come up with more, please share.. 🙂

  2. I think this is a good point and Tami made good points. I use social media to download new music and then save them onto my iPod. Then, I go for my job with my new downloaded music. I do not keep track of time when I job. I count the number of songs that I listen to, so instead of jogging for “Half hour”, I jog for 7 songs. LOL Social Media has helped keep from getting sick and tired of the same music. I also listen when I play tennis.

    Happy 50th birthday Laurinda. People are right when they say you don’t look 50. Stay young by engaging in flattening social media!

  3. Remember the days when a Child went outside to have social contacts. When we all went outside to meet our neighbors and friends. It was not to many years ago. Computors and TV have made us a fat nation. Yes some of us where fat before this(Me). But It’s worse now. Children do not know how to play cowboys and Indians. One side had to loss. Just go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Build something. Grow something. Newton Mino was the first had of the FCC and he called TV the vast wasteland. Yup it is.

    Charlie Razenson

  4. You are right that too many kids sit behind computers, tv, or gaming devices and spend less time outdoors – but it’s hard to fight the world. For me, my kids were always very active in sports and still are but when they are home there is less interaction among us (which sometimes is a good thing – less fighting among the siblings…) . Even though we do have our separate corners that we all run to – we still make it a point to spend time together whether its in the pool or playing cards or some other family activity.

  5. Most of us sit for hours in front of the computer, whether it’s doing social media or just working. It’s important to get up and move around for a few minutes at least once an hour. Computers take a real toll on our bodies as well as our eyes.

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