You see it and hear it everywhere…  T.V. & Radio commercials are asking you to follow them on Twitter or to become a fan on their Facebook page.   What does this all mean?   We are in an era of Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing.  It’s now a consumer’s world (a permission based world) vs. Traditional (shove it down your throat) Marketing.

Consumers can now tune out the traditional marketing methods with devices like DVR’s or Caller ID.   When a consumer is ready to make a purchase or look for information they turn to their computers.  You see, the world has found new ways to communicate and the way we gather our information has forever changed.

Fortune 500 companies have always spent very large amounts of money pushing their products through outbound marketing techniques like: Inside Sales, Telemarketing, Print Advertising, Direct mail/email, Radio & TV ads.   Now they are including Social Media in their marketing budgets.

  • Outbound Marketing pushes out messages to consumers.  People are getting better at blocking these messages.
  • Inbound Marketing brings the consumer to you.

There are many experts (and I use that term loosely) that say Outbound Marketing is a thing of the past and the future is all Inbound Marketing.  In my opinion, they are both necessary in today’s marketing efforts.  Some of the techniques of traditional outbound marketing are being used less and inbound techniques are being used more and more.  But if used properly, they can complement one another.  As you see happening now!

So, Why is Social Media All The Rage?  Because, Social Media is about being social, interactive, listening to what your peers have to say about a product, service or company.  Social Media is a 2 way communication.   Social Media will amplify your message and can do it in real time.





—  And more….

Did you know that 71% of marketers using Social Media increased traffic to their website and 51% generated qualified leads’ and 42% improved their sales all through the use of Social Media (According to the Social Media Examiner 2011 Marketing Industry Report)


10 comments on “? WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA ALL THE RAGE ?

  1. Social media, in my opinion, is all the rage, because it is the easiest out of all the internet marketing strategies to implement and most of it is free. Since most businesses do not want to spend money marketing themselves, social media fits anyone’s business model.

    The only think that I see wrong with social media as a rage is that entrepreneurs often forget that it is called social media “marketing”. Business owners still need a basic knowledge and understanding of marketing 101. Social media is no different than broadcast media (TV and Radio) or print media (newspapers and magazines). Social media is just a medium. Without a basic understanding of marketing 101, most businesses miss the mark when using social media. In other words, just because Facebook has 500 million members does not mean that a business will reach 500 million customers, but I have a feeling that some businesspeople think that way. Businesses still need to target the market and plan their marketing and not just post to Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t work that way. I have gotten clients from Facebook and Twitter, because I know how to target the market on them.

    Great article, Laurinda.Happy birthday!

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  3. Because it’s a great lazy way to work!!! It easier to post on FB than make a phone call, it’s easier to Tweet than to &%$&$ reach the person you need to reach!!! For certain things, FB is as good as it gets; for business; FB and all social media is just one tool amongst many!!!

  4. Yes, in some cases it is easier to use facebook or twitter rather than a phone call – but at the same time, a phone call reaches 1 and social media reaches many. So which is more effective? Personally, I think both should be used. The phone call to a client or potential client says more than an email or status update. And, of course, no one knows better than you that NETWORKING face to face says even more ….

  5. Great blog Laurinda. I believe as you and David do that there is no single medium to market one’s business. Rather, one must use a blend of methods to achieve a balance that is right for their particular industry. As you mentioned Social Media is a great tool to reach the masses at a very minimal cost. David states that you should pick up the phone. We must also remember the importance of face-to-face time. Networking, one-on-one meetings, client appointments, trade shows and events are all a necessary means to build a relationship and trust. The time you spend in-person with a prospect or client is invaluable and just one more way to market your business.

    Social Media is all the rage because it is a powerful, effective and inexpensive tool and a great place to start marketing your business.

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