The No No’s of Social Media

Let’s start with ENGAGEMENT…

You create a facebook business page. You enter all your company information, you post content then sign off.  The next day you sign on, post content and sign off again.  Meanwhile, people are responding to your posts but you are not there to reply.  What message are you really sending to your followers? …  For one you’re telling them that you really aren’t social; they aren’t worth a reply; or that you are too busy to be bothered.  Either way, it’s NOT helping you to brand yourself or your company product/service.  ENGAGEMENT is essential.  It’s not always about what you say or how you say it but how you make someone feel that leaves a lasting impression.

Self – Promoting

You do not want to self promote and annoy people.  Occasionally, it’s ok to post about your product/service.  You don’t want to come off like a pushy salesperson.  People will block, unfollow or unfriend you.  Promote others before yourself 10 – 1.


Be careful what you share and with whom you share it.  You certainly do not want to share photos of you and your friends on a drinking binge especially if you are actively engaging in employment opportunities.  You may also want to be careful about letting the world now that you are going on vacation and that no one will be home for a week or two. When sharing content you must use common sense.


Do not react with anger when someone posts something negative about your company’s product/service.  Instead, wait until your emotions subside and think how you can turn a negative into a positive. This is an opportunity for you to show great customer service. Take advantage of it.  You do not want to look confrontational besides it’s a fact that when you act out of anger your I.Q. drops.

Cross Linking

Please do not put your tweets to your facebook – it is quite annoying to the people that do not use twitter and see hashtags and @ signs popping on their facebook walls all the time.  You can add your facebook page to your twitter feed but keep in mind that twitter only allows 140 characters.


NY Introductions (Social Media Marketer)

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