Pay It Forward – our little story

About a month or so ago my son, Christian, took his girlfriend to a late movie at a local movie theater.   When he got home he realized his wallet was missing.  After checking all the obvious places, like the car and the walk to the house from the car, he quickly raced back to the movie theater with the hopes of it still being open.  So, I called the theater and they told me they just closed but will wait for my son to get there.  About 1/2 hour later,  he returned home, I could see by his expression that he had no luck.  The wallet was gone!  Along with his license, $80.00, school ID, bank card and a few other miscellaneous things.  We went online and ordered a new license, cancelled the bank card and figured he would get a new school ID when school started again. The money was obviously a goner!

Well, the next day, when I went to bring in the mail, guess what I found….   my son’s wallet.   Not only was everything still inside, money included but there was a note (picture below)


Even though we had already taken the steps to replace everything, we were still thrilled at the idea that someone was honest enough to drive to our home and put it in the mailbox.  Of course, my son was more thrilled that his money was still there.

Kudos to that anonymous person.  And pay-it-forward we will.

Do you have a pay-it-forward to story to share?


4 comments on “Pay It Forward – our little story

  1. This is a great story-so many people are negative about the world but things like this happen and people need to see the humanity. Many years ago while still in school I worked as a bouncer at a club in brooklyn. The place was a disco that had its share of trouble and most of the bouncers were impatient with the customers in general. one night I was at the door and as soon as a guy walked behind the velvet rope I saw him drop his wallet. I went to pick it up and he had disappeared into the crowd. About 1/2hr later he was asking the other bouncers if someone turned in a wallet,they all blew him off. He got to the front and asked me-I asked him his name address etc and looked at his id on his license as I took it out of my pocket. I handed him his wallet and he was so happy-but it was the look on his face when he opened the billfold and saw his $150 intact I will never forget. the rule in the club was find a wallet,remove cash,return wallet.
    What really surprised me was how shocked this guy was that I simply did the right thing-no more than that.

  2. Isn’t that a great feeling. Doing the right thing is worth it’s weight in gold. Had you taken the $150.00 that would be long gone by now and you would always have that guilt hanging over you but instead you can look back and always feel good about doing the right thing. Kudos to you 🙂

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