Shame on you Nissan

In 2008 we downsized from a Lincoln Navigator to 2006 Nissan Pathfinder.  The truck presently has 99,000 miles. About 2 yrs ago my truck was not putting out heat. We brought it to our mechanic who said we were low on antifreeze – they flushed it and added more antifreeze. Well this became a common practice – continually flushing and adding anti-freeze. The mechanic could not find where it was leaking from – we brought it to 2 mechanics. (If i remember correctly, we also brought the truck into Nissan at one point). A couple of weeks ago I brought the truck back in because my transmission did not feel right. While my mechanic was checking that out and also giving me an oil change he discovered where my antifreeze was going and said that I may have a bigger problem on my hands. The antifreeze was leaking into my transmission. So, we brought the truck to a transmission dealer and he said that my transmission will need to be replaced (still unaware of the Nissan existing issue) now going to cost me close to $4,000 for a transmission, radiator and new thermostat as well as the fluids. So, for the moment I went with the radiator and thermostat and fluids at a cost of about 1,000.00 – He said that my transmission is on its way out so get ready. The very next day my transmission died and I had to be towed to the nissan dealer. On the way home, my husband recalled a notice that we received from some attorneys regarding a class action suit. He proceeded to pull out the paperwork which spoke about the transmission issue after so many miles – at the time we received this we did not have any bills for such problems. We never in a million years thought our not having heat in the car was even related to this. At that point, the legal paperwork was filed away. It was not until the mechanic told us what our problem was that we realized it may be related only to find out that we would have had to submit the bills by June 2013. Why didn’t Nissan send us a notice about this issue? When I questioned them, they said it must have been sent to the previous owners. Now I just paid about $1,000 for a new radiator and thermostat and Nissan wants $3.000 as a copay (haha-a co-pay) for a new transmission. I told them I could get a transmission for the same price elsewhere – so how could they call this a copay – I was told that a 1,000 of that was for a new radiator – I told them that I had just paid for one the day before so why would I pay you for another one. Then I was told to call the main nissan regional consumer affairs office. The dealer has had my car for 5 days now and nothing is getting done. I just got off the phone with the Nissan Regional Consumer Affair representative and she basically told me “too bad” I will have to pay the $3,000. Not to mention that I am paying for a rental car – it infuriates me that they will not honor their bad parts. There have been 1,000s of these trucks having the same issue and all Nissan did was extend the warranty to read – under 80,000 miles they will fix at no charge – 80 – 90,000 customer pays $2,000 – 90,000 to 100,000 customer pays $3,000 – my problem started when my mileage was around 80,000 and they will not honor it.

The issue here is that #Nissan knew that they had a faulty radiator and instead of recalling the radiator they extended the warranty knowing that the majority of the cars/trucks would surpass the 80,000 miles before they started having problems with the transmission.      Nissan Transmission Complaints

My daughter, Gina started a local charity organization called “Project Pantry

ABC News Reporter, Michelle Charlesworth, interviews 14 yr old founder of Project Pantry

ABC News Reporter, Michelle Charlesworth, interviews 14 yr old founder of Project Pantry

” which you can find on facebook at  Now without my truck we can no longer do project pantry.  You see we need the truck to go house to house to collect non-perishable food items for the local pantries.  It is worked by teenagers and we need my vehicle to continue to serve the hungry.    ABC news just interviewed my daughter yesterday, January 27th, 2014 and the segment will be aired tomorrow Wednesday, January 29 at 4:00pm – as I am so very very proud of her accomplishments I am very saddened at the same time that Nissan could do this.  Shame on Nissan!!!     Since this original posting the segment has been aired and can be seen here:  ABC News story on Project Pantry 


11 comments on “Shame on you Nissan

  1. That is disturbing to hear that Nissan will not remedy this issue that stems from a design or manufacturing flaw.
    I presently lease an Infiniti, (a division of Nissan Motors), I will have to think twice when leasing my next vehicle this April if Nissan will not make the repairs to this known defect.

  2. I had a Murano TOTAL LEMON i needed 4 transmissions 3 starters and 2 alternators replaced in the 30 months I leased this Vehicle from 2002-2005, Needless to say I got ALL of my $$$ back and will NEVER buy from Nissan again!

  3. tell nissan you will go viral with the story on youtube. Big companies had bad publicity, especially on social media sites. Good news goes fast, bad news goes faster.

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