25+ Things a mother should teach her daughter….


I will start with “You are the ROLE MODEL for you future children”


  1.  Be a model for RESPECT. Show it – Give it – Accept nothing less.

  2.  As you enter the dating world, heed my advice and Don’t lose who you are in a relationship – keep your independence

  3. Don’t sabotage your heart with impatience – Do NOT desperately pursue love. Love will find you when it’s ready remember “When you chase something it runs away!”

  4. Don’t be LAZY! Work hard for what you want – you’ll appreciate it more.

  5. Budget your money while you’re young. People may say “Money doesn’t buy happiness” (and they are right) but keep in mind that the LACK of money does bring unhappiness.

  6. Do NOT rely on others to take financial care of you! You want to be able to make decisions for your life without having to feel trapped which is how you will feel if  you are financially dependent on someone else. This is why education is important (although there are NO Guarantees even with an education but I assure you there are very few opportunities without one)

  7. Choose wisely what you put on the internet. It may come back to haunt you.

  8. Do NOT rely on others to make you happy that is something that lies within. Share your happiness with others

  9. It may not be fair but it’s true, people judge. So, keeping that in mind…. Always be a Lady!   Talk like a Lady;  Eat like a Lady;  Walk like a Lady;  Dress like a Lady and most of all, Behave like a Lady.

  10. INTELLIGENCE is ATTRACTIVE – so be smart. Never stop learning – smart is the new cool. Pay attention to what is going on in school and the world around you. You are the difference it takes in this world.

  11. Learn to cook, clean, do laundry and even sew (if you choose too).  These are skills that everyone should learn. These skills will help with raising your own family one day.

  12. Learn about guys sports like football and baseball. It will make conversations more interesting and fun when you are able to  keep up with them. It will also afford you the joy of understanding of what is going on when and if you attend some of these types of events.

  13. Play the sports you like as it will keep you fit and trim and on top of your game.

  14. Be SPIRITUAL!  Pay attention to the beauty in life and in the universe. Take the time to smell a flower or gaze upon the stars. Learn to meditate and find peace in this crazy world.  And never forget to give THANKS TO GOD!

  15. Your BODY is your TEMPLE – it’s the house that God gave you to live in. Take care of it!  Respect it!  Don’t let anyone, including yourself, treat with it with disrespect!!

  16. Stay HEALTHY – maintain your health both physically and mentally. Be careful what you put into your body and mind. This will affect the quality of your life.

  17. DON’T SUCCUMB to PEER PRESSURE!!!  This can and will change the direction of what God intended your life to be. Take notice of the people who gave in – is their life any better for it? You already know the answer to that.

  18. The world doesn’t owe you anything! You (we) owe something to the world in which we live.

  19. You are WHAT YOU THINK! Think POSITIVE – Thing BIG!!!  Have confidence in yourself and all that you do. A positive image of yourself shows strength and value. But, most of all, always be THANKFUL!!!

  20. Accept yourself for who you are and where you came from. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL both inside and out.

  21. If your GUT tells you “something is wrong” or “something isn’t right” than chances are Something is Wrong or Something isn’t Right! And if you are about to do something and it’s something that you can’t discuss at the dinner table then chances are you shouldn’t be doing it.

  22. Create your life’s story.  Fill it with Laughter & Fun,  Honesty & Love,  Happiness & Joy and don’t forget to add me to your story 😉

  23. It’s OK to get dirty – roll in the mud if you must just be sure to clean yourself off before coming into the house

  24. Don’t fight for acceptance but if something is worth fighting for thenmother and daughter clip art 2 mother and daugher clip art 1 “fight fiercely”

  25. When the day comes that you are setting up a home for yourself always remember that  “Kitchens are what brings families together”





On a lighter note…..


  • Wear sunscreen
  • Never bite your nails
  • Chocolate isn’t always the answer
  • Don’t wear your bra to bed
  • Dance to all kinds of music
  • Don’t wear contacts to the beach
  • Put back what you take out
  • Return what you borrow
  • Don’t leave the toilet paper roll empty
  • Clean up after yourself – NO MAIDS LIVE HERE!

And always love and respect your parents as they will always love and respect you. 🙂


Loving you always,

Your Mother

Me and Gina 3-27-14




(just keep it clean)


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