is it a good or bad practice?


Is your companies social sites being flooded with fake followers?

Did you hire a marketing agency to take care of your online presence and were impressed to see your social sites increase by hundreds maybe even thousands?

I see this all the time, so many marketing companies try to build up their portfolio with fake accounts or paid followers on their own social sites. What you need to be careful with is if your marketing agency is doing this with their own branding then be sure they will do it with your company’s branding as well.  More is NOT always good. They flood the accounts with fake profiles or purchased profiles to make the numbers look higher but in actuality it can hurt your branding more then help.

They go to sites like  http://www.buycheapfollowersfast.com/twitter/ or

There are hundreds of sites like the ones I mentioned above.


Fake Followers can do you more harm than good.

Fake Followers can do you more harm than good.


Focusing on those numbers, and the perceived popularity, can lead to some questionable practices.

Facebook and Twitter are constantly attempting to delete faulty accounts that are used for this type of manipulation, any attention that is gathered from these methods could be destroyed at any second.  It’s also important to realize the bad press and embarrassment that can result if your organization is discovered purchasing fake social media interactions. So, be careful how you spend your marketing dollars.

Here is an article by Forbes to help you build a following for your brand the right way.     “The right way to build your brand”

In my opinion, a lot of fake followers does not make for good marketing… or does it?   What are your thoughts?  Is it a good or bad practice?


One comment on “FAKE FOLLOWERS

  1. Laurinda – Good topic. . I mostly feel that it is not a good thing. The only reason I might do something like that, after talking to my client, is because perception. What I mean by that is people are like sheep and do like to be one of only a few people who like something. So it might be easier to get “likes” if you have 1018 as compared to 18, and only like a one time thing. But besides that it is a waste of time and money..


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